Consultant and  Certified Counsellor:

1. Parenting Workshops
2. Marriage and Family
3. Leadership
4. Business Coach Consultant
5. Business Plans
6. Budgeting
7. Career Counsellor
8. Personal Coach
9. EAP Practitioner

Radio Programs

ISAAC 98.1 FM – Program Slow Gospel Music every 4th Sunday each month from 10:30 pm to 11:00 pm.

STREET 91.9 FM – Program Slow Gospel Music every 1st  Saturday each month from 9:45 pm.

POWER 102.1 FM –  Program Slow Gospel Music every 4th Tuesday each month from 10:25 pm

Youth Outreach Program

Children Restoration Centre (CRC) Formerly The Youth Training Centre (YTC) every 1st and 2nd Tuesday every month from 2:00pm.

Community Outreach Program

Foodbasket and clothes to needy families and single parent households, emergency assistant to individuals and families, etc.
​based on donations and funding received.